Healing with Tones

My toning expedition started 2013 when I met Heribert Czernikak (Heribert – The Healing Voice http://www.heilende-stimme.com) in a Shamanic seminar for the first time. Since then I have traveled with him to many power places and learned to get into contact with my soul sound and how to let it express itself (http://www.heilende-stimme.com/klangheiler-vor-ort/). This soul sound is an expression of the pure I AM. As soon as the mind is freed from its own thinking process it rises from the non-thinking and non-judgmental sentient consciousness. This soul sound was always there and now it merges with the timeless infinite sound space.

Healing with “Tones from the Silence” – What happens during a session?

To be honest: I don’t know! “Tones from the silence” are toning through me from another dimension. I step behind and give them (sound-) space. They are holy and healing tones. I am an intermediary. It is not me who does the healing and I cannot shape the tones. The energy finds its own way to your signature/frequency pattern. Maybe it is resonating to current issues, maybe it is releasing blockages of deep layers and old karmic patterns. But one thing I know for sure: Everything which is released in this safe space is relieving and good. Finally you can drop your heavy baggage. Perhaps you may choose to still keep to a little field kit, perhaps you take the courage to move on freely and lightly. Your soul knows exactly what you need. And that is good.

Your investment:   125 Euro. If you bring an USB-stick the session will be recorded.