Classical Settings

There are a thousand and one reasons why people ask the way or trust hiking guides: Is it the correct direction or did I get (where?/how?) lost? How can I get sanely out of a confusing situation?

I offer you my assistance when you find yourself in a such a troubled state. Together we will look at the way, investigate detours and obstacles and walk together to safety. I will lend you my hiking pole for a short steep ascent and you ask why I wanted you to leave your walking sticks behind. Well, they might strengthen your unsure-footedness, whereas we want to stride along and enjoy the newly acquired balance with every step. Our goal is sovereignty. I wish to give you dominion in your life, in your relationships, in your choices, in everything that concerns you and your expression on earth.

In this context Iet me give you a clear warning: As soon as we walk our way together in split seconds we will touch deep issues and long hidden scars. It is alright if you feel reluctant about this and prefer going at a slower pace while enjoying the sunlight and the beautiful new insights. But if you are resistant or reluctant to do this work, I may not be the best person to counsel you. In any case, I honor your decision to not continue with me but I know that I can best work with those who are ready and determined to change at any rate.

My focus: Stress/Burn-Out, orientation, conflicts, partnership, traumas, physical/mental abuse, spirituality

Your Investment: 125 Euro. If you bring an USB-stick the session will be recorded. By payment in advance we can arrange for a Skype-session.