Excerpts from my Travel Log

Impressing Travels and Encounters

Portugal/England/Afghanistan: Job relations


Germany: Zen-studies with Enomiya Lassalle and Karlfried Graf Dürckheim
India: Studies of Yoga and Vedanta with Indian scholars and adepts
Peru: Munay Ki and encounters with indigenous shamans and adepts
Hawaii: Studies of Huna-Philosophy with Serge Kahili King / Aloha International (Renowned author of “Dynamind” and “Urban Shaman”) www.alohainternational.org
Internet: Aisha North, Channelings and Words of Inspiration
A comprehensive and substantiated information on New Earth and the energetic changes for humanity you find in the books and channelings of Pamela Kribbe. www.jeshua.net
Power Places: Travels with Heribert Czerniak / Heribert – The Healing Voice www.heilende-stimme.com
Psychic Systemic Structering: Sabine Guhr-Biermann www.opalia.de
Energetic Healings:

Crystal Healing:

Energetic healings of flats / buildings / landscapes as Vikara®-Vastu-Consultant Cairn Elen • Dagmar Fleck

Reading, Sports and other Hobbies


Reading: I was proud of my big library – all the walls covered with book shelves overflowing with an exquisite selection of well read books. At present I am giving away the last “dust catchers of the old energy” and enjoying the bright and clear space as well as the new time with myself.

Sports: Tai-Chi-Chuan – motion, power, elegance and beauty as well as exercises for self-defense – studied under an excellent master-teacher. Thank you, Siggi.

Stones: The books of Michael Gienger on healing stones are worth knowing.
(He sadly passed away in 2014. My favorite minerals-shop continuing to work according to his principles is „Karfunkel“ in Aachen: www.karfunkel-mineralien.de)

… and music and dancing and people and…  and… and………….…just living!


From my inner balance I am opening a space for People
to be their true selves again
able to access their own power, grace and creativity.

Whoever is still interested in old maps may find further information in my Archive.