As a good girl I fulfilled my ‘obedience training’ and acquired all the admission tickets for the educational temples and arenas representing the cultural and sociopolitical consciousness. Students at that time even in the economic and law studies were free to explore extracurricular studies e.g. arts, philosophy and German literature. Such a course of study promotes independent thinking, and that is why the system successfully nails it for today’s young people.

The price of such self-determined thinking is a reflection and revealing of empty formulas and other ‘scientific’-statements and seeming truths. Instead of figures my interest shifted to human beingness. Again I started learning, this time in schools outside the big temples. It was the beginning of the humanistic psychology and its later branches (Transactional Analysis, Bioenergetic Body Work of Lowen/Pierrakos, Gestalttherapy, Psychosynthesis, Family Therapy, Systems Theory, Spiritual Psychology).

Consequently I left the old systems, left the educational system in which I was working for more than twenty years and started as a freelancer coaching/counselling clients to be able to live their private and professional lives as freely, healthy and successfully as possible.

Subtly yet more and more perceptibly life directed me to my last school, the big mystery school. Yes, it is still there, but no longer within the pyramids, the old temples or a secluded cave in the Himalayas. Instead it is ‘hidden’ within our bulging daily multidimensional life which is flooded by information through technology, media, the entertainment industry, the internet, and the like. Unaffected by outer systems/circumstances it is only the inner journey on the old track of realization of the “Know thyself” which leads to real freedom.

The path/journey is and will be exciting.  Here is a little fairy tale…

Karla Engemann
Studiendirektorin a.D.
Wirtschaftspädagogin (Dipl-Hdl.)
HP Psychotherapie